° 21-03-1952
I live in Kortrijk (BE) have studio in Kortrijk and in Kándia (Nafplio / GR)

education: (1976 - 1984)
Municipal Academy of Fine Arts, Bruges (BE)
specialization in drawing and painting model and portrait
monumental drawing and painting
artistic activities since 1973
main theme since 1990: "dance movement" and "the human figure in motion"

portrait painting on commission
works sold in Belgium, Greece and the U.S.A.

Being busy with art is like a passion. "Doing my thing" gives me great satisfaction and leaves me time and again with complete fulfilment. Self-confident, individual and independent I show everyone who wants to see what keeps fascinating me endlessly. As an artist, I want to express in most of my works what life actually means to me: a continuous sequence of moments, from the beginning till the end. Just like the sequence of movements in a dance.

Whatever my place in contemporary art may be, I don't care. I do not intend to influence society with my work. Believing fully in what I make, in my personal style and in an uninterrupted search for innovation, suits me just fine.

I am merely an abstract pixel in the wide artistic world, just like a tiny fraction in a real dance movement.